PortfolioMetrix was founded in 2010 to provide financial advisors with a real alternative to their central investment proposition. By combining world class investment management and world class technology, they offer a scalable, industry-leading investment expertise and keep you central to the delivery of the investment proposition to your clients. Their mandate is to provide Advisors with an alternative way to access discretionary investment management at a competitive price. Backing all this up is Wealth Explorer™, PortfolioMetrix’s sophisticated and powerful technology that enables you to deliver the same level of personalised service to multiple clients for a fraction of the time and cost it would take using the traditional routes.

Choosing PortfolioMetrix as your investment partner will give every one of your clients a portfolio that is fully aligned to their risk profile and, should you wish to provide extra fine-tuning, you can opt to dial up or down any elements within the asset allocation for each of your clients, providing a fully tailored and personalised service.

PortfolioMetrix Asset Management Limited (“PMAM”) provides Conexim, with investment advice in relation to certain private investor client portfolios, as permitted under the MiFID Regulations. PMAM is not authorised as an EEA investment firm and does not provide any investment services directly to retail or opt-up professional clients in Ireland. Conexim, as the discretionary investment manager, remains at all times fully responsible for the implementation or non-implementation of any advice it receives from PortfolioMetrix.

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